RobertsStudying Western architectural styles from classical to the present day, with London visits and discussions.

Group Coordinator: Keith Roberts (click to contact)

Thursdays at 10.30am.

The group aims to meet at venues that have architectural interest.

Architecture plays a key role in shaping our environment. Covering ancient and modern architecture from across the world, the iU3A Group examines buildings to reveal what lies behind their design. It introduces the ideas that underpin the concept of architecture, adopting a thematic approach that deals in turn with the functions, the meanings, the structural and the social aspects of buildings.

Architecture is an art, expressing most clearly the values of its age, as in the great cathedrals of the middle ages or the corporate headquarters of today. Buildings work directly on our emotions, filling us with awe or serenity; they also help us to organize our crowded lives.

Architecture is an expression of our place in the world, our environment and our beliefs. The iU3A Group explores the aesthetics and techniques of architecture, tracing its response to new ways of living, new developments in technology, new environmental concerns. 

The Group Coordinator is an Architect. Suggestions for subjects from members are always welcome and members are encouraged to contribute to the programme.

'The ideal building has three elements: it is sturdy, useful, and beautiful’ — discuss!

Our Next Meetings

The current details for group members are available now on the Beacon Members portal here. The information below is only for example and general public information.
The relevant tutorial material for each month is available to members via Dropbox.

Inigo Jones
Introduction to Architecture
Victoria & Albert Museum
Architecture Room
Egypt Babylonian, Assyrian and Egyptian
British Museum,
Room 61
Greek and Roman
British Museum,
Room 18
Westminster Abbey
St Mark's
St Bartholomew the Great in West Smithfield on March 16th at 10.30
Red House
Arts & Crafts William Morris Gallery,
St Peter's
Renaissance The Banqueting Hall
Upper Street 10.15 Angel Underground Stn. then touring Upper Street winding up at the Estorick cafe near Highbury Corner.
Revivalism, Neoclassicism and Georgian Kenwood House
Bauhaus Modern and Bauhaus RIBA
Portland Place
Post Modern Visits to OPEN HOUSE: venues to be agreed
Kings Bench
Open House, a review and lunch in Middle Temple Hall (Tudor) 
Temple Church

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