Gwen MorrisThe aim is to share our own art and our thoughts about art in a supportive environment.

Group Coordinator: Gwen Morris (click to contact)

Third Monday of each month, 10.30am - noon

At a house near Old Street tube station.

Members will discuss art they have already made or want to make. We aren't artists by trade — we just do a lot of art and it is part of our identity. We don't make art in the group and we don't discuss the commercial side of art. We discuss what we're working on, our process, influences and inspiration. We share work that is finished or in progress with the aim of getting feedback, support and new ideas. There is discussion of other artists past and present as well as exhibitions we've seen. 

Art is mostly a solo act so it's nice to share our thoughts and speak in a language that marks us out as artists. The aim is just to share our deeply held and mutual interest in art — no matter how diverse our artistic endeavors are. So sculptors, painters, assemblage-makers, conceptual artists, etc. are all welcome.

If you'd like to join us, please contact me, Gwen Morris (click on my name above).

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