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                      LevensonA varied programme of visits to members' and other gardens, talks and practical hands-on experience and sharing of knowledge and skills.

Group Coordinator: Anna McKane

First and third Thursdays in the month in the summer and the first Thursday in winter months, at 10.00am. Dates and times may vary for visits.

Members' houses and gardens, plus visits.

PinksThe gardening group has a very varied programme of meetings and outings, generally looking at and talking about plants, rather than actually getting mud on our hands. We occasionally do a very small amount of practical work trying to encourage wild flowers in the meadow at the Olden Garden off Whistler Street N7 (see centre picture above).


Our programme of swaps is very successful with many members benefiting from spare plants grown by others. Spectacular successes this year included Pamela’s brilliant parsley, and Arlette’s enormous Phormium, now thriving in a “jungle” garden in Battersea.

Last winter the group had: a Christmas lunch, a talk from a member who is a flower photographer, a trip to a snowdrop garden, and visits to the “Painting Paradise” exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery and to “Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse” at the Royal Academy.

MontreuilIn 2016 we've continued to visit and admire each other’s gardens, and also go further afield to see public and private gardens. The Gardening and French groups visited Montreuil to look at different gardens in the region. Sadly the weather did not co-operate.

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