HarwoodThe group will meet in an informal friendly environment to discuss and enjoy wine.

Group Coordinator: Derek Harwood (click to contact)

The Group meets once a month 

At a member's house in Islington.

Following the Wine Tasting event held in January 2018 it was gauged that there was enough general interest to make this a regular session, ie form as a group. But to keep costs down it will be held in a member’s home rather than a commercial establishment.

The Wine Appreciation group will function as follows:

  • It will meet monthly
  • It will meet in members’ houses (possibly on a rotational basis but might settle down to just one member’s house)
  • There will be a theme selected by the group members (in advance), eg Loire wines
  • There will be a sign-up for each session with the limit set at the first 10
  • Five of these will be invited (volunteer) to bring a bottle
  • A guideline price will be given (probably £6.00 to £10.00 per bottle)
  • The person bringing the bottle will be expected to have researched the providence and present to the Group
  • Nibbles will be provided by hosts (costs recoverable)
  • Each person attending with a bottle brings receipt, all costs for evening added up & divided between attending members.
  • Option to drink all wine or taste and spit out
  • Probably held early in an evening
  • Each meeting will be cost neutral, ie no funding required from iU3A central funds
  • Outings for meals or to vineyards could be considered by the Group

You don't need any prior expertise in wine tasting but it is expected that you will have to do some pre-work for each session to support group discussion on the chosen wine topic.

If you are interested in joining this group, please sign into the Beacon members' system HERE, then under Groups, find and click on Wine Appreciation. There you will see the option of joining online. Please provide your details there. Once you've registered for the group you will receive further information through emails. Or you can send me an email — to the email account link at the top of this page.




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