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The development of new groups depends entirely on the talents and creativity of Islington U3A members. We welcome considered proposals for new groups and will help you research them to see if there is a core of interest amongst iU3A members.

New Groups or Courses
Now that the initial shock of Covid Lockdown is fading we can take stock of what new groups could enrich our lives — lives rather different from a few months ago.

  • Is there a new subject you would like to explore?
  • Are you wondering about enrolling on an online course and might enjoy some co-learners?
  • Would you enjoy a regular chat about local news?
If so, do contact Valerie Iles at or Vivek Nanda at

Rising China and Africa's Development: Oil — a free five-module online course starting at 4.30pm on Monday 11 January 2021 and every fortnight thereafter. This course considers how Africa can get the most out of the natural resources that it produces. It uses the lens of oil production to assess the impact of the rise of China on Africa's development. An animation gives a flavour of the course. After studying this course, you should be able to:
  • understand the rise of China and its impact on the geopolitics of resource management
  • show knowledge of different dimensions of the political economy of oil production
  • describe the dynamics of China-Africa oil relations in three African countries: Ghana, Nigeria and Sudan
  • understand and critically engage with the key debates around African development
  • provide definitions of the main theories influencing these debates, such as international relations, political settlements and African agency.
Further information here. To join this course please email Vivek at

BBC Reith Lectures 2020: a five-week short life Discussion Group starting at 4.00pm on Tuesday 19 January 2021 and every week thereafter, including an introductory getting to know each other session. Former Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney will give the four 2020 BBC Reith Lectures that explore the relationship between economic value and human values:
1) Why have financial values come to be considered more important than human ones?
2) What lessons have been learnt from the 2008 financial crash?
3) Exploration of the tensions between economic and human values during the pandemic.
4) Proposals on the ways in which the market can be redirected to alleviating climate change.
Participants will follow the lectures online individually. You should expect to allot an hour or so to the material each week, which is free to access. Participants will hold a weekly discussion using Zoom and can also link up via a WhatsApp group to share short comments. Further information about the lecturer here and the lectures here. If you would like to join Jayne, Facilitator of the discussions, in exploring these important and topical issues, please email Vivek here.

Ageing in the 21st Century: can we shape our future? As people who are ageing, our voices are often lost, and our choices restricted. This programme of six fortnightly sessions is aimed at informing us about the discourse driving public policy, public services, and the decisions about our future, when we are less able to make them for ourselves. Can we actively shape our future? We will explore how ageing is represented, and how public policy shapes our choices. For each session, there will be an online presentation, or short document which will give us the starting point for a critical evaluation of the present provision for an ageing population, and lead towards a discussion of what alternative models we might imagine.

Please join Georgia for six fortnightly discussions starting at 4.30pm on Wednesday 20 January 2021, on this journey of exploration. For more information, please click here. If you are interested in joining the Ageing in the 21st Century Discussion Group, please email Vivek at
five-week short life Discussion Group starting at 4.00pm on Tuesday 19 January 20

Old Groups in New Ways
For those ‘meeting’ on Zoom we are offering the option of ‘hybrid’ meetings where some members meet together in a socially-distanceable space and others will join from their homes. If you would like your group to meet in this way, or if you would like to join a group that is meeting in this way, please contact Vivek Nanda at


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