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The development of new groups depends entirely on the talents and creativity of Islington U3A members. We welcome considered proposals for new groups and will help you research them to see if there is a core of interest amongst iU3A members.

New Groups Now Launched
The following new groups are now fully operational. For details of any of them then go to the full groups listing page here.

Latin now launched (November 2017) in joint cooperation with Crouch End & District U3A. If you want to join go to the Groups web page and click on the Latin listing.

German Book Group now launched (November 2017). If you want to join go to the Groups web page and click on the Book Group - German listing.

Future Groups
At present we have a few specific proposals for new groups. All have significant interest from members and so are close to launch. But each requires a few more members to be sure that the group is viable in the longer term. More details:

Leisurely Walks we are trying to launch a third walking group. The intent for this Group is that it would cover walks that were 3 to 4 miles taken at a leisurely pace with (frequent) breaks. So hence it would different from the Shorter Walks group in that the walking pace would be slower. Like all Groups whether we get this operating is dependent on someone volunteering to be it's Coordinator. Help would be available for ideas on suitable walks and administration but it does need someone willing to be the central figure to make them happen. If you are willing please contact

Chess for Beginners one of our members has suggested starting a Beginners Chess group, for members who would like to learn how to play chess and is willing to be its coordinator. It would also need one or more other members who are already chess players and are willing to help beginners learn how to play. The group would meet fortnightly, possibly in Highbury.  If you are interested in either learning or enabling others to play, please contact Sue Welsford
Intermediate Coordinated by a native Italian speaker who has previously taught Italian, this new group will be for members with good basic Italian.  It will take place from 10.30 - 12 noon on alternate Fridays at a venue yet to be decided.  If you would like to join this group, please contact Sue Welsford

Possible Other New Groups
If you have a proposal for a new group that you would be interested in developing, please let us know. We are very ready to discuss all new ideas and to help develop proposals to put to the membership to gauge interest. We will do our best to help and can, for example, facilitate an exploratory meeting. If you have a proposal that you would like to take forward, contact Sue Welsford here

We know there are still a number of members who'd like to join a second German Conversation Group and we are actively looking for a volunteer who speaks German fluently and would be willing to coordinate such a group. If you may be interested in doing so please contact Sue Welsford here


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