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This page lets you know about wider U3A events, and other opportunities that may interest you.

Research Projects
As many members wish to volunteer for local organisations or as subjects for university research studies we include these opportunities in the twice monthly Bulletin to members. Specific requests from researchers for support from U3A members are listed here:

July 2018: This is a request from a researcher from Imperial College who we worked with last year on a similar project called The All Adenomas Study. The group is currently in the planning stages of a new study called FIT for Screening and once again is looking for volunteers to become Patient and Public Representatives. They were very pleased with the response last year and hope the U3A can help with this new project. All the details are in the two attachments: FIT Screening Poster, FIT Screening Role Description

Shared Learning Projects
For full details of current Shared Learning see here.

Charterhouse - Great Chamber The project underlines the Charterhouse’s commitment to sharing its heritage assets with the public in a way that maximises public engagement and enjoyment. See more information here: SLP Charterhouse Grt Chamber-Exec Sum or here:SLP Charterhouse Grt Chamber-Flyer. THIS SLP IS ONLY OPEN TO MEMBERS OF ISLINGTON U3A. If you are interested please complete an application and email it off (address in the form) here: SLP Charterhouse Grt Chamber-Application

For general information and details of some of the previous Shared Learning Projects supported by iU3A see here.

London Regional of U3As
There is a forum, a 'network' of all the 43 London based U3As. This forum organises study days and other events in London. To find our what’s on and to book for an event click here.

You iU3A representatives on the London Region of U3As are currently:

If you have any queries or ideas regarding London Region of U3As use the email links above.
To view the minutes from the last Delegates meeting click here and to see one of the presentations at that meeting click here.

One of LRU3As biggest events is their summer school - open to all U3A members. More details can be found here.

North London Network
There exists a 'network' of other U3As based in north London. The concept for this network is to promote shared learning across the north London U3As. iU3A's representatives on this network are:

If you have any queries or ideas regarding the North London Network use the email link above.

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