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This page lets you know about wider U3A events, and other opportunities that may interest you.

Shared Learning Projects
See the London Region web page for current open SLPs here.


Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 July  — Summer School: at St Bride Foundation, Bride Lane, Fleet Street (easy access: five minutes from Blackfriars underground station). This is the popular annual non-residential event. Members can choose to attend for one, two or three days. There will be a wide range of subjects on the themes of Art, Current Affairs, History, Literature, Music, Science and Travel — a choice of 28 different talks, four workshops, and six guided walks around the City of London. This year, some talks are included which will explore the theme: “Celebration of the Sea”. Many of the sessions are now full but there is still space on the following for example:
Talks: History of the Moon; German Air-Sea rescue in the Battle of Britain; The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi; Conversation on ‘Love and Fame’ with author Susie Boyt.
Workshop: Cryptic Crosswords.
Walk: Tour of Olympic Park legacy artworks (making best use of your smartphone).
Bookings are being taken now. See the latest information here.

October Robo Wars: Date to be finalised yet. See details in: Robots-Flyer and in the rule book here: Robots-TheRules

To find out what else is on across the London Region click here.

Research Projects
As many members wish to volunteer for local organisations or as subjects for university research studies we include these opportunities in the twice monthly Bulletin to members. Specific requests from researchers for support from U3A members are listed here:

The East End Women's Museum recently launched a public consultation. It is trying to collect people's ideas and input as to what they'd like to see represented in the museum, what sort of facilities it should have etc., and you can complete an online survey here. The museum will have a permanent space in Barking in less than two years. Fani Arampatzidou (who works Monday to Wednesday) is the Volunteer and Outreach coordinator and you can email her here. Part of the consultation is also a participatory art workshop delivered in festivals, schools, community groups etc. and they are trying to cover the seven East London boroughs, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham, Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham and Havering.
Removal date: 03/09/19

King's College London: A research team of three people are doing a study into Enhancing Visual Aspects of Episodic Memory. Two emails from members of the team are here. See their poster here. Email here.
Removal date: 01/09/19

King's College London: A request to take part in a survey on use of computers, tablets and smartphones. It's entirely online and takes about twenty minutes to complete. As technology rapidly advances, devices such as virtual reality (VR) systems have become an increasingly popular tool used in research and healthcare settings. However, results from studies employing these devices may be confounded by participants’ familiarity with technology devices, especially when the devices require more advanced skills and knowledge. Currently there are no means of assessing technological familiarity in research subjects. Hence, we developed this new Technology Familiarity Questionnaire to examine people’s familiarity with and attitude to nowaday's technology. See the poster here. Details here.
Removal date: 01/09/19

UCL, Hearing and Speech Perception: full details here. A paid study.
Removal date: 14/7/19

King's College London, Studying Risk of Falling:  we are currently running a research study at King's College London looking at the effect of a modified FaME vs. multisensory balance programme on falls risk, balance confidence and quality of life in older adults. This is a study which will help inform future studies and treatments of older adult fallers or who are at risk of fall. We would like to reach out to your iU3A members to see if any would be interested in participating. For more information see the poster here and recruitment information here
Yi-Jia Lin, Research PhD student
Centre for Human and Applied Physiological Sciences (CHAPS)
Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine, King's College London
Guy's Campus, London, SE1 1UL
Removal date 6/8/19

Birkbeck College, University of London: recruiting participants for a research project investigating the influence of physical fitness and cognitive reserve on executive and olfactory functioning. More information here: Dissertation Hearing
Removal date: 24/7/19


From U3A National Office: We are often asked to publicise research studies and trials to our members.  Where we do so it is because we believe it may be of interest to you and we are not endorsing or promoting the research study in any way. U3A has not undertaken any checks or due diligence on the relevant department or the study and accepts no liability whatsoever if you decide to agree to participate. If you choose to take part in any study you do so at your own risk and in your own capacity (and not as member of U3A). You should make sure that you understand all the risks associated with any study before you sign up and ensure that you understand the time commitment, any restrictions and possible side effects. You should also ensure that you will be insured as part of the study.

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