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This page lets you know about wider U3A events, and other opportunities that may interest you.

Third Age Trust
The Third Age Trust is the national U3A organization. It organizes events, competitions and other activities for U3A members nationally. Some of these are in London, others across the country. Some get booked up quickly — to hear about events and when booking opens, you should join the Third Age Trust U3A events mailing list. To do so, you must register (it's very straightforward) with the Third Age Trust website.
Third Age Trust (TAT) are moving toward more electronic communication. There is now a free e-newsletter that in due course will replace the magazine. Any member can register for the e-newsletter HERE.

London Regional of U3As
There is a forum, a 'network' of all the 43 London based U3As. This forum organises study days and other events in London. To find our what’s on and to book for an event click here.
You iU3A representatives on the London Region of U3As are currently:

If you have any queries or ideas regarding London Region of U3As use the email links above.
To view the minutes from the last Delegates meeting click here and to see one of the presentations at that meeting click here.

One of LRU3As biggest events is their summer school - open to all U3A members. More details can be found here.

North London Network
There exists a 'network' of other U3As based in north London. The concept for this network is to promote shared learning across the north London U3As. iU3As represent on this network is:

If you have any queries or ideas regarding the North London Network use the email link above.

Shared Learning Projects
Shared Learning Projects are collaborative research projects between U3As and other organisations. You can find more information about these projects here.

Other Opportunities
As many members wish to volunteer for local organisations or as subjects for university research studies we include these opportunities in the twice monthly Bulletin to members.

Offers and Services for Members
As one of its services to U3A members, the Third Age Trust (the national organisation under whose aegis local U3A's operate) has a legal helpline which iU3A members can use. It is operated by Arc Legal Assistance in partnership with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. The helpline is supported by all departments within Irwin Mitchell, giving access to the right expert for even complex queries, and thus a breadth and depth most other legal advice lines are not able to offer. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling the helpline on 0344 770 1040; ask for the U3A Legal Helpline.

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