NandaConcepts of what constitutes the Common Good can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks and were later explored by the great moral philosophers and political thinkers. Is there a contemporary definition that has relevance in today's fiercely meritocratic world? In the next series of the Slow Book Group, we propose to explore the concept of the common good by reading from different sources to understand it from different perspectives. The chapters will be available in electronic form through the iU3A Copyright Licensing Agreement. 
Group Coordinators: Georgia and Vivek (click to contact)

From 4.00pm every other Tuesday from 18 January to 10 May 2022

18 January to 26 April on Zoom
10 May  In person meeting at Canonbury Tavern, 21 Canonbury Place, London N1 2NS (tbc).

18 January
(Zoom) Meeting to get acquainted, and perhaps share our own experiences relating to the ‘common good’.
1 February (Zoom) Chapter 1: ‘Public Interest and Self-Interest in the Market and the Democratic Process’ by Peter Koslowski in “The Invisible Hand and the Common Good” by Bernard Hodgson (2004).

15 February (Zoom) Chapter 1:  ‘The Language of  the Common Good’ by Ann Rowlands  in “Together for the Common Good”, Edited by Nicholas Sagovsky and Peter McGrail (2015).

1 March (Zoom) Chapter 2: ‘The Moral Limits of the Market’ in “Economics for the Common Good” by Jean Tirole (2019).

15 March (Zoom) Chapter 1: ‘Introduction: British Idealism and Contemporary Common Good Politics’ in “Common Good Politics” by Colin Tyler (2016).

29 March (Zoom) Chapter 2  ‘What is the Common Good?’ in “The Common Good” by Robert Reich (2018).

12 April (Zoom) Chapter 9: ‘In Defense of Universal Values’ by Martha Nussbaum in “Social Development, Social Inequalities, and Social Justice”, edited by Cecilia Wainryb, Judith G. Smetana, Elliot Turiel (2008).

26 April   (Zoom)  Chapter 8: ‘A New Social Contract’ in “What We Owe Each Other: A New Social Contract for a Better Society” by Shafik, Minouche (2021).

10 May  (TBC)  Reflection on what we have learned in this slow book group.  Do we want to do another one?



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