Jeanie PhillipsThis group will learn the  technique of Prana Samyama meditation on the natural breath.

Group Coordinators: Jean Phillips (click to contact)

Eight Thursdays from 15 April to 03 June, from 3.30 to 4.30pm.

This will be an online Zoom group.


This will be an eight week Awareness On the Natural  Breath Meditation Course, taught in a progressive way online using Zoom.

We will learn how to practise meditation on the natural breath in order to access a deeper inner peace and start to transform negative thought patterns. The Prana Samyama Meditation on the Natural Breath Technique will be taught in the tradition of Patanjali. We will use a combination of meditations on the breath led by me, Jeanie Phillips. and also using recorded instructions from Dr ALV Kumar from The Traditional Yoga Organisation ( The recordings maintain a direct link to the original instructions and scriptures in which they have been preserved for centuries.

Each week you will be guided  through the system. We should have time to discuss your experience of meditating with it and for you to raise any questions.

It will be a real advantage if, between sessions, you can practise the technique in your own time, and I’ll help you with materials to do that. I’ve been practising yoga and meditation for many years. Daily Prana Samyama meditation sessions have really helped with getting through this recent difficult time.

I would like to share the practice with you. It’ll be the first time I’ve taught a meditation course, so hopefully the tech gremlins will be kind and the planets aligned. And if I can’t answer your questions I’ll try to find someone who can!

The first session will be Week 1 of the course. But if you attend that one and decide it’s not for you then please feel free to drop out at that point. If you decide to stay with the course it would be great if you could attend all or most of the remaining seven sessions.

If you would like to join this group please email Jeanie Phillips at

8 week course, Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm, 15 April to 03 June inclusive.

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